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The prominence of the proposed location creates an opportunity for a significant landmark.

17 is envisioned as a gateway project that will provide a high-quality transition from urban residential communities into the city centre. 17 will transform and enhance the existing character of this vibrant node by providing a welcoming place to call home and easy-to-access amenities.

While 17 is still in the early stages of planning, the following elements are being considered as part of the design:

  • Two residential towers consisting of apartments and townhome suites. Tower height is still being determined.
  • A potential urban market on the main level.
  • Underground parking for shoppers and residents.
  • The project may be built in phases, with timing to be determined.

The project team is working with the public to understand their unique perspectives and determine how feedback can be incorporated into the project. Please check back regularly and visit the Project Updates to learn more about the project as it progresses and how you can participate.


It is important to Arlington Street Investment (ASI) to enhance the communities we work in by adding convenient retail services that are both attractive and practical for all of our neighbourhoods.

Boutique retail shops and a potential urban market will be featured at 17. Imagine convenient access to a modern and vibrant retail environment just steps from your home, a gathering place for friends, family, and neighbours.

Residents, pedestrians and motorists will have several convenient access points to the building and its amenities.

  • Permeable storefront – a potential market could occupy a significant portion of the main level of the building and could include ground-level entrances along 14th Street SW and 17th Avenue SW.
  • Underground Parking – underground parking can be accessed via 16th Avenue SW. One level will be dedicated to shoppers while the remaining levels will be reserved for residents of the building. Visitors and residents can access shopping levels from the parkade by elevator.
  • Secure residential access – residents will have several safe access points to the residential lobby and can gain access to the private entrances by use of a secure access code or key.
The 14th Street SW and 17th Avenue SW intersection is known for its high pedestrian traffic therefore it is important to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all. We intend to achieve this by:

  • Meeting or exceeding the requirements set out in the City of Calgary’s Main Street Initiative and Centre City Plan, which includes (but is not limited to):
    • Creating active building frontages by incorporating smaller retail units, public accesses and display areas visible to the sidewalk.
    • Developing retail services at grade level.
    • Ensuring a human-scale environment is incorporated into project design.
    • Where possible, enhancing the pedestrian realm with upgraded sidewalks, street furniture, landscaping, street trees and lighting.
    • An increased building setback will give pedestrians ample room to travel comfortably and will enhance sightlines.
  • Upholding the vibrancy and uniqueness of 17th Avenue by designing an attractive, modern building that meets the needs of the existing and anticipated demographic.

Shadows can be created by any development and can vary based on the scale and location of the building.

To better understand potential impacts, the project team will review shadowing as part of the design investigation. The results will allow the project team to design 17 in a way that has the potential to limit or mitigate possible effects that could be caused by shadowing.

More information about shadowing will be shared as the project progresses.

The 17th Avenue SW and 14th Street SW intersection is a primary route for commuters and is recognized as a high traffic juncture. To help mitigate potential impacts to this intersection, Arlington Street Investments has included some initial measures into the design of 17, acknowledging that the City of Calgary review may include others:

  • Ample setbacks that improve sight lines and enhance safety for motorists and pedestrians.
  • Traffic lights at the intersection of 15th Street SW and 17th Avenue SW to improve traffic flow and enhance safety for motorists and pedestrians.
  • Thorough traffic studies will be submitted to determine if other improvements can be made to this prominent intersection. The details of such studies will become available as the project progresses.

Arlington Street Investment (ASI) is in the preliminary stages of design for 17 and certain aspects such as building height – or massing – are still under consideration.

ASI is committed to ensuring a high-quality design of 17. Modern architecture, appealing store-fronts and convenient amenities will help ensure that 17 is sensitively integrated into the community and will be a welcoming place for pedestrians to visit and live.

About Arlington Street

Envision what ought to be there, not what is, then be courageous enough to create it.

Arlington Street Investments (ASI) is a Calgary-based boutique urban developer, commercial landlord and multiple award-winning investment company. ASI develops legacy properties that are built to stand the test of time and which create vibrant corridors and communities. We pride ourselves on seeing possibility where others may not. Our developments are thoughtfully designed, revitalize and enhance the neighbourhoods in which they are built and set a new standard for architecture and design. At ASI, it is our mission to strengthen and elevate the neighbourhoods we work in, which creates a catalyst for positive change.

ASI owns some of the highest profile development sites in the heart of Calgary’s beltline, on and around Calgary’s 17th Avenue High Street and the downtown core. We specialize in the development of urban, mixed-use “live-work-play” properties and projects.



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